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CreativeXtremes| A Global Aircraft Sales and Procurement Division of: Moser Air Group, INC.

aircraft sales: Buy, sell, add to your fleet, or upgrade the aircraft you have.Aircraft sales representing the buyer, or seller. Buy, sell, add to your fleet, or upgrade your aircraft from the largest selection of any aircraft available through our Global network. Our procurement team works representing the buyer, our Brokers represent Sellers, and we even buy aircraft for our own fleets.

Think of it, no more long drawn out conversations with multiple brokers over the next month trying to find that specific aircraft for sale, or just a broker you want to work with. No more  technical data thrown at you explaining the value of an aircraft, and the ability to complete your task without skipping a beat in your normal daily activities.

We are a company that specifically works with aircraft mission requirements in all transactions. We deal with the brokers and the sellers as we comb through the aircraft marketplace so you don't have to. Our team of procurement specialists are skilled aviators, pilots and mechanics who understand the technical aspects of aircraft. This allows us to be properly focused on the mission requirements you set while we work to find exactly what you need and want. 

Brokers and sellers have aircraft they need and want to sell. They move their inventory, or the contracts they have to represent an aircraft owner. At CreativeXtremes, you are our client. We become the bridge that makes every aircraft on the market a probability. Adding you to our list of clients only strengthens our ability to work with brokers and aircraft owners. Because of our structure, we have a global aircraft sourcing of professional brokers and aviation companies that become available to you instantly. Without the limits of other companies, the skill set changes from sales to working mission capable parameters and this brings our clients a lot more satisfaction in the completion of their aircraft transaction.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our page and learn about us. Now we invite you to click on the "Home" button above and visit other pages in the site to see what we do and have done for others like you. When you are ready, call us and give us the opportunity to put our skills to work for you.