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Aircraft Sales Solutions for Clients

2- Phases of the Aircraft Purchase:

Phase I| Information and Mission Requirements

We start with introducing you to your procurement specialist, and gather some information about you or your company's needs. We go through a list of "what to expects," and assist you in defining the mission capabilities of your new aircraft.

From there, we focus our attention on helping to define your budget for the purchase and assist you in preparing for the operational costs of your new acquisition. We also help define contact methods, time lines and begin to work our network of global resources for you.

Phase II| Options Presented

We locate aircraft that will meet your mission and work through the preliminary investigations of the available aircraft. As we find specific aircraft we feel confident in presenting to you, we send you information and pictures of the aircraft available and work through the selection process with you. Once the fees are paid, we send out professional services to physically inspect the aircraft (and its paperwork) that  you are interested in. Once the inspection is completed, we conference the results of the inspection team, and help you work through the actual value of the aircraft in question. 

With inspections completed, and the narrowing of choices, we begin the negotiations with the brokers and owners of the aircraft you would like to work. This is where our services make a substantial difference in the procurement of your aircraft. Unlike the broker who is under contract to represent the owner of the aircraft, we are under an obligation to represent you, and our goal is to save you money while insuring that your new aircraft will meet or exceed the mission requirements you place upon it.

When the negotiations are completed, and the escrow is set, we turn our attention to the delivery of the aircraft; making certain the seller completes the delivery and the bird is as advertised. At which time, the escrow is closed, the registration is transferred, through the use of our attorneys, and the transaction is complete— This begins our relationship.

Unlike brokers, we do not just disappear. Now you have an aircraft with our professional stamp of approval on it, and our name means a lot more to us than that. Your procurement specialist now becomes your account manager. This means, they have a real need to follow the aircraft you purchased and assist you when questions arise. They can connect you with reputable service companies, and help you define new capabilities as your company needs grow.

Our relationship starts with a personal involvement, and it only grows from there.