Client Missions We Have Resolved

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Helo's to India | Helicopter Analytics, INC

One of the largest Global contracts around is supported by our procurement specialists. Working side-by-side with Helicopter Analytics INC, we are tasked with one of the widest mission parameter contracts built in the aviation world today. 

Rotorway Helicopter Manufacturing Company website

From scout ships, and utility cargo transports to private jets; our mission is best described as locating, evaluating and procuring in excess of 1200 aircraft on an annual basis for this one client alone, most of which are  rotary-winged.

Initiating the first of many to come is an order of 30- Rotorway craft and a search order for various mission specific larger utility rotor-winged aircraft. Which simply means, follow our Aircraft needed pages if you have aircraft available that meet our goals. Being a continuous contract, this page will be updated to show images of the aircraft we find and ship to the client.