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Fixed Wing Aircraft Purchases

Buying your Aircraft:

When looking at fixed wing aircraft, most buyers focus on the passenger compartment.  They want to know that the interior is inviting to them, and that the plane has enough seats to allow for comfortable seating of the passengers they expect to carry on a normal basis. Once they achieve these two things, they begin asking questions about the aircraft, and usually this is where they are bombarded with technical information about low component times and information they know little about.

Since the seller, or their representative, sounds like they know what they are talking about, this information is taken for granted by the buyer and soon enough a deal is completed; the broker marks another one up to sold. Then the problems start showing up when you find that your aircraft cannot go the distances you needed it to, or the component times were not as low as they were made out to be— Now you are left with an aircraft that needs thousands in maintenance costs before you can get any real use out of it, or worse, they did not tell you that out of the 15- available seats on the aircraft, only 12- of them were certified for take-off and landing.

Let's face it, owners and brokers want and need to sell aircraft, so they are focused on closing the deal. While there are some out there who care about what they tell people, and actually work to keep their good name clean, not all of them do. That is why we exist; we represent the buyer's interest— ONLY!

Our Job:

In our first discussion, our specialists will go through a complete checklist of mission parameters with you to determine exactly what you need. Everything from how many passengers do you expect to carry and how many flight attendants you will have with you. Down to how far and how fast do you need to travel. Add to that your budget for the aircraft itself and your expected operating costs, along with other guidelines, we match your mission requirements up to an international network of known aircraft for sale, and begin delving into the technical issues. This makes sure that when we send a suggestion to you about an aircraft, we know it fits the needs you have, and even those which you are not aware of.

The best part for you is that most of our fees are often absorbed by the seller; save those of pre-purchase inspections— Saving you head aches, time and money. In most cases, this is where the relationship ends for the brokers and the previous owners; we believe this is when our job begins. Now you have an airplane with our name attached to it, and we take a great deal of pride in that. Our goal now is to help make your ownership  the best experience you can have; we are there to help.