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Rotor Wing Aircraft Purchases

So, You Need a Helicopter . . .

When considering a helicopter, mission parameters become very specific. The list is long and defined to determine which specific helicopters will meet your needs. Manufacturers have multiple models for a reason; simply put, each one handles speed, cargo, passengers, temperature, lifting and many other mission requirements in vastly different ways. While,every helicopter can be configured figured however you like on the inside and painted in any color scheme, its very easy to wind up with the proverbial "lip-stick on a pig" when it comes right down to actually using the bird to do a specific job.

Helicopters require a great deal of attention to details in a transaction; attention to aircraft capabilities and a full, thorough pre-purchase inspection of the actual aircraft, along with all its log books and maintenance records. Low hours on a transmission doesn't mean anything to the buyer when that transmission serial number is not the same as what is in the log-books, or the tail boom has a fine crack in the frame rails. What about that bolt that has 5 hours left on it? The salesman tells you its only a bolt. Never mind the fact that it costs $150.00 for the bolt and four-hours of maintenance work to replace it at $200.00 an hour; and oh yeah, by the way, there are four of those bolts. Unless you happen to be a certified aviation mechanic, you cannot do the work yourself. This says nothing about the mission capabilities of the aircraft. Not every helicopter can handle extreme weather, or has the weight and balance requirements to handle an EMS, a police, or even a simple observation mission. Needless to say, a skilled professional representing the buyer in a helicopter purchase is a necessity. 

 Our Job . . .

First, our procurement specialist will work through a long list of mission requirements with you and help to define the type of helicopter you will need. Then we look at area of operations and a list of other parameters to help determine exactly which model fits your needs best. Using this information, we match your mission to a global network with thousands of helicopters for sale; helicopters of every size and configuration. Working with the multitudes of brokers and helicopter owners is the easy part of this job. 

Once we find the right birds to select from, we begin to inspect documents and work the value of the helicopter so we can offer you options. After you make your choices, we actually send out inspectors to visually go through the aircraft and its paperwork. Verifying the conditions of the helicopter personally is a vital step in insuring you have a mission capable aircraft. The purchase of the aircraft is completed, and we make sure of the delivery.

In most cases, this is where the relationship ends for the brokers and the previous owners; we believe this is when our job begins. Now you have a helicopter with our name attached to it, and we take a great deal of pride in that. Our goal now is to help make your ownership of your new helicopter the best experience you can have; we are there to help.